Love Letter - I enjoyed my 5 slices of Papa John’s Pizza

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - I enjoyed my 5 slices of Papa John’s Pizza

If you were to have all of the CFBS coaches log their food for one week, you’ll find one common thing among all of us. Our nutrition is NOT perfect.

We all agree on building a sustainable lifestyle for ourselves. We all agree on helping you build a sustainable lifestyle. That means not trying to be perfect with your nutrition because we know it’s impossible and to be honest, not sustainable.

This past weekend Jocelyn and Myla made cupcakes with chocolate icing. Myla brought me one and without hesitation I ate it. She then gave me a second one and I ate it as well. I’m not going to tell my daughter “no” to the cupcakes she just made, I’m going to enjoy them. On Sunday we ordered pizza to watch the Super Bowl. The best part of the game was eating those (5) slices of pizza from Papa John’s

I’m telling you this because I want you to enjoy your life. I don’t want you to shame yourself or guilt yourself for enjoying a burger or fast food or pizza or anything else from time to time. When you shame yourself you think you are helping yourself but in reality you are putting yourself in a hole that can easily spiral out of control due to decisions that can occur from it.

Take this scenario:

“Great job Josh, you messed it all up. Might as well eat the whole box of pizza”.

“See, I knew you couldn’t do it. When you wake up in the morning, let’s just have 4 doughnuts and a cinnamon bun because you really messed up tonight”.

“I’m NEVER going to have the will to stop myself, so why even bother trying to eat healthier”?

But what if you just gave yourself permission to eat that piece of cake or slices of pizza? And then you just got back to eating delicious healthy food until you felt like having another piece of cake?

It really is that simple. Eat well 80% of the time and you’ll see long term results that last.

Stop shaming yourself. Stop the yo-yo. Enjoy that 20%. Enjoy your food. Build a sustainable lifestyle!


Josh Melendez

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