Love Letter - I'm feeling bored

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - I'm feeling bored

You started out strong. You worked out every day, ready to hit the gym come hell or high water. You sign up for the gym and followed it to a T. Your clothes started fitting better, everyone at work commented on how much energy you had, and your partner kept giving you those good “looks.”

And then boredom set in.

Our program? Well, you noticed that your PRs started slowing down and you weren’t seeing quick results as you once did. And the diet? Well, grilled chicken and broccoli gets a little old after a while.

So what’s a person to do? How do you keep your fitness when it gets boring?

Phone a Friend

Fitness is always more fun with friends, so ask your bestie to join you for a class! You’ll be doing you BOTH a favor. Especially in the cold winter months when it’s easier to hibernate than get out there and socialize, the gym can be your excuse to connect with other people. Health is more than running and lifting weights. We need human connection, so hit two birds with one stone!

Set a Goal

You work because you know what the reward is going to be, fulfillment or money. Regardless of what your reward is, there is a reward. That is what gets you up and moving. Same thing applies for your health and fitness. If you’re just “winging” it then you can easily lose sight of what it is you’re trying to accomplish. When that happens, things can appear as if you’re just going through the motion and you start to ask yourself “is this worth it?” 

Set a goal review! Sit down with a coach and let’s go over what it is you want to accomplish the next 90 days. Or more importantly, start working on the next 90 days. If you can’t think of a goal, no problem, we will help you establish a goal. It does not have to be big but it gives you something to work for. It gives you a reward for all of your hard work! 

Add Personal Training to the mix

Accountability is the name of the game in long-term health and working with a coach personally can help you avoid landing back in this same place in a few months. We will help keep you on track by creating a program tied directly to your goals to help you obtain them faster and keep the boredom away. We will work together to ensure that you are consistently making strides in your health and fitness and make proper adjustments to your personal programming. 

Revert back to you “Why”

 It is so so so important that we have a “why” established and more importantly written down. We all have a “why” regarding towards trying to be better, healthier, fitter and wealthier. Whatever your “why” is, that is your engine. There have been so many days when I had to look back at my “why” to keep going. There have been many days when I just wanted to stay home and not workout. On days or weeks when you start to lose motivation or start to get bored, remember why it is you are doing this. If the “why” that once fired you up doesn’t do it anymore, it’s time to establish a new “why”. 


Josh Melendez

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