Love Letter - Who was that guy?

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - Who was that guy?

Some of y’all might have been wondering who was that guy at the gym yesterday during the 6pm class. He’s someone who is helping me obtain one of my goals. One of my goals is to become a CrossFit L4 coach (CrossFit Certified Coach) which is the highest credentials you can achieve as a coach in CrossFit.

We all have goals. We have short and long term goals. We should be working on both of them. Majority of the times your short term goals are stepping stones towards your long term goal. I want you to think about your goals for a second. No, seriously stop reading this and think for a couple seconds.....

Now I want you to think where were you when you came up with these goals. Many times we come up with goals when we are in our most comfortable state. Why? Because everything seems possible when we are chilling on our couch under a blanket in the a/c. There is nothing wrong with that but have you acted on your goals? The moment you got off your couch and got a little uncomfortable, did you stick to your goal?

That is the problem. Majority of the times, once we get uncomfortable we stop because we don’t like that feeling. That feeling that you don’t like IS what will lead you to accomplishing your goal. Facing a challenge is not suppose to be easy. It’s not going to feel like it did when you were sitting on your couch. If you continue to avoid stepping out of your comfort zone then you are continuously avoiding a better you.

That guy who was walking around with his notepad during the 6pm class yesterday is John McPherson. He owns a CrossFit gym that is 5 miles away from us and he has owned it for over 10 years. He is a CrossFit L4 coach, which means he is one of the top CrossFit coaches, period. I reached out to him and asked him if he would evaluate me so I can improve as a coach. It was not easy reaching out to someone else and basically asking them “Can you tell me where I suck so I can be better?” (my actual words). It was uncomfortable and I was a little nervous during the 6pm but I know that if I’m trying to be the best coach I can be and provide y’all with the best coaching, then getting uncomfortable is a MUST. Not a choice, a MUST.

So I challenge each one of you to quit living in your comfort zone and start getting uncomfortable. Once you do, your goals will no longer be a wish list.



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