Love Letter - I'm Not A Morning Person

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - I'm Not A Morning Person

Even the people who say they enjoy waking up in the morning are truly not a morning person.

No one is a morning person. It’s in our DNA as humans. We are meant to wake up naturally with our circadian rhythm. That natural wake up call is when the sun starts to rise.

But we all know the world we live in. Waking up naturally to the sun rise is not possible for many people. They have all types of responsibilities so waking up early in the morning is a requirement on their end. 

One of the reasons they wake up early is because they know it’s the only time they will be able to get their workout in. They are left with a choice, either get up early to workout or not workout at all. 

Your days can shift at the drop of a hat. You thought you would have time to workout in the evening but your boss gives you a new task. You get invited to a work happy hour or have to attend a friends birthday dinner. It’s parent-teacher conference and you need to go speak to your kids teachers. It’s playoff baseball and you want to watch the Astros. This list can go on forever.

You know what’s going on at 5am or 6am? Nothing really. No one is really giving you a new tasks. No one is emailing or messaging you. There is no happy hour or playoff game. The chances of you getting distracted away from your workout is almost zero. 

While waking up early can be a challenge, it’s very possible. Nothing in life comes easy and if you’re really trying to accomplish your fitness goal, waking up early for your fitness may be what you need to do to be more consistent with the gym. 

Circling back to the people who say they enjoy waking up in the morning. Why do they say that? They enjoy the feeling of accomplishing their personal tasks such as getting in their workouts. It's the feeling of accomplishment that they enjoy.


Josh Melendez

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