Love Letter - Imposter Syndrome Fuel

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - Imposter Syndrome Fuel

Imposter syndrome is a good thing. 

I’ve talked to many entrepreneurs, coaches and people who think “I’m not ready for that.” 

Or “why would anyone listen to me?” 

Or “I need more experience/time/qualifications first.”

Well the truth is, anyone who has done anything important has thought the same things.

But they do it anyway, despite the self doubt and internal voice that is screaming at them to sit back down and stay safe.

They use that imposter syndrome as a tool and they lean into the fear to push them further. 

They explore, prepare and work their asses off to help themselves feel a little better. Then, when that doesn’t fix it, they jump anyway, knowing they prepared the best they could and are going to give 100%. Because here is another truth, you’ll never be 100% prepared for anything. 

And it works.

I can speak to this with 100% certainty after these last 5 years as owner of CrossFit Be Someone. 

I have had imposter syndrome in so many moments as a business owner and coach. These last 5 years have been some of the most scariest years of my life. So many times I felt so trapped in my thoughts. So many times fear had me paralyzed due to me questioning if I could actually take the action I needed to take. I thought to myself, "Do I really know what I'm doing?". "Can I really lead my coaches?". "Can I keep these doors open?". "Do my members really trust me?".  And so many other questions. 

The way I felt was sincere and probably doesn't adequately describe it all. 

And yet, I took action anyway. I worked my ass off to prepare and try and overcome my imposter syndrome. Then jumped, in spite of my fear.

Of course, all of the things I've done in the gym could have gone better, but I know I’ll be better next time.

So if you’re scared, good. Use that imposter syndrome as your fuel to fire your level of preparedness. And then JUMP! 

Respectfully Sent,

Josh Melendez

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