Love Letter - Injuries

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - Injuries

We have all dealt with it. Some of us might be dealing with it right now. Some of us just got done dealing with it and some of us will come across it in the future.

It’s inevitable. Injuries happen. They happen in so many different ways. At your house, at your job, at the gym, at the park, or anywhere else you can think of. A quick twist of your ankle or a quick slip stepping out of the shower or miss timing your jump during a box jump or walking into a door at your job. Point is, injuries occur in so many ways, at so many places. We must all accept that it’s part of life.

What we can’t allow is for injuries to dictate how we carry ourselves or think of ourselves. In my personal experience, I’ve let an injury consume me in the past. I was so frustrated with my injury that my mind was what became crippled and my injury wasn't the main problem anymore. I didn’t realize that there was so much more I can do. I kept thinking about what I couldn’t do anymore that I never thought about solutions. The thing about this, I wasn’t even doing CrossFit at this moment in my life.

One of the things that makes this fitness program we all do so special is the ability to modify to anything. You literally can still come in and continue to focus on your health and fitness. Trust me, I understand how it feels to be injured but trust me when I say, you can still do so much.

Always stick to your why. Always remember why you first said to yourself, I want to get healthier and fitter. We are playing the long game, not the short game. If you continue to play the short game then everything that trips you up, will make you stop. Injuries will always occur in life but that doesn’t mean it will define your abilities. You are all able to do so much as long as you keep moving forward, never forget that!



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