Love Letter - Learn from Free Solo

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - Learn from Free Solo

Have you watched the Netflix documentary about Alex Honnold?

He is a climber who climbs mountains without any type of rope or safety net or harness which are meant to save his life. He only relies on his hand grip and his preparation. If you have not seen it, I highly recommend you watch it. 

What I want you to learn from Alex is how he sets his goal but then only focuses on the process versus the end result. 

If Alex mind goes directly to him conquering the mountain and being on top of the mountain as he climbs it, there is a very good chance he would fall and we can guess what the result of that would be.

What he focuses on is the process. What he focuses on is the next small step. What he focuses on is small marginal gains. 

For many of us, we set a goal and then only focus on the end result. We imagine ourselves at the end of the road each day. While I’m a firm believer on you seeing yourself accomplishing your goals, I also know that we have to turn our vision to the process.

We have to turn our focus to the process. If we remain focused on only the end result that is when doubt creeps in or lack of motivation or lack of discipline or giving up happens. 

This happens because we start to expect immediate results and get frustrated when we don’t get them. We expect to be on top of the mountain yet we only climbed 10ft. 

You have to focus on the process. Focusing on the process or the small steps we are taking leads to the goal or vision we picture at the beginning.


Josh Melendez

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