Love Letter - Pick Up the Trash

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - Pick Up the Trash

We believe that building great people is what leads to building great athletes. 

If we only focus on who you are inside our four walls, then we are truly missing on helping you become more outside our four walls.

We want to impact your overall life, not just how you do your pull ups or burpees or thrusters. This is why we have 3 simple gym rules. 

1. Say "Hi" to everyone

This isn't just about being a nice and friendly person. This is about you being willing to acknowledge other people first. This is about you stepping out of your comfort zone and going up to people you don't know. This is about you knowing that you can make an impact in a persons life by bringing a smile to their face. This is about you practicing being polite on a daily basis. This is about you also saying "Thank you", "Please", and "Excuse me". This is about you being the person people enjoy being around. 

2. Leave it better than you found it. 

This is about you to being the person who does not step or kick trash as you walk by. This is about you being the person who picks it up. You pick it up not because you want the recognition or because someone is watching you, you do it because it's the right thing to do. This is about doing the right things in life, regardless. This is about you realizing that the small details matter. This is about you pursuing excellence at all times. This is about you seeking constant improvement in your life. 

3. Have Fun!

This is about you realizing that we only get to play this game called "life" once. If we truly want to maximize it and enjoy the most out of it, then we have to focus on the people and things that truly matter. We have to make things such as mindset, nutrition, fitness and connecting a priority. We have to know that the only things in our control is our effort and attitude. We have to practice gratitude, make memories and most of all, smile and laugh. We do this, we are getting the most out of life. 


Josh Melendez

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