Love Letter - Why should you care about a Vision Board event?

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - Why should you care about a Vision Board event?

Here's the truth.

I use to think vision boards were only for females. I use to think vision boards were pointless. I use to think vision boards were for people who were "lost" in life. I saw no value in vision boards because I didn't actually do one or even listen to someone who did one and exposed themselves to it daily.

Then in 2018 I had a conversation with Janet (gym member and great friend). I had no idea how much that conversation was going to change my life because it did. She spoke to me about how her and her friends created vision boards in their High School days. She expressed how powerful and impactful they have been in their life. To the point that one of her friends put on her vision board that she was going to marry a man with blue eyes, win awards as a reporter and live in the mountains. She now has been married and has kids with a man with blue eyes, she did win her awards and lives in Colorado. 

Your vision is your vision. And the more clear you make your vision, the better. The more you expose yourself to your vision, the better. We live in a life that is very distracting. Everything around us pulls us one way or the other way. Your phone, emails, Netflix, neighborhood bar, fantasy football and so on. Not saying these things are bad but what they can do is pull you off the path of your vision without you realizing it. You start to give those things more of your attention instead of your vision. 

This is why creating a vision board and placing it somewhere you will see it everyday is so damn powerful. I go back to the conversation I had with Janet, after that conversation I went home and created my first ever vision board. I had just moved back into my parents house because I had no money to live on my own. 2 years later, I just bought my first house. It's crazy how everything I have on my vision board I have either completed it or I'm on the path to complete it. I see my vision board everyday and it is a daily reminder of what I want to do in my life. 

I realized that I had basically been living my life distracted without my vision board. I realized I was living my life as if I was driving in the rain and did not have the windshield wipers on. My destination was very hard to see because I had no clear vision. 

I can't stress how important a vision board is in your life. This Saturday we are having a Vision Board Brunch and it is open to EVERYONE. This is about your life and creating the vision you want for it. Does not matter in what phase you are in life, you still have a vision, maybe you just don't know it yet. Click on the link attached and see the details of the brunch. 

Vision Board Brunch

(you can pay the $15 through Venmo @crossfit_besomeone or reply back to this and I'll put you in touch with Neema or Keli)

Hope to see you there. 


Josh Melendez

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