Love Letter - Without a doubt the CFBS coaches care

Josh Melendez
December 16, 2022
Love Letter - Without a doubt the CFBS coaches care

The next time you see a CFBS coach, know this, they really do care about you!

The amount of time these coaches create to improve on themselves and to ensure they are there for our members is incredible. 

Coach Tony and Coach Taylor put in close to 30 hours in coach development in the last 12 weeks. We met for two hours a week to work on coaching and then I would assign reading material for them to read. I also would send them multiple videos to watch. They showed up eager and ready to learn. Before our Monday sessions I would ask them to give me a brief on what they read and each time they were prepared and would go in depth on what they learned. On top of that, they receive daily feedback from me on their coaching and are always open to listen. 

Coach Lynn is a full time Chiropractor student and finding time to coach is not easy. She's in her last year which means she has multiple board exams that is going to take more time from her. But for her, what brings her excitement, joy and energy is coaching people and helping them. She is working with multiple Personal Training clients to help them reach their goals and for some of them, she drives to them. She is brainstorming over specialty clinics to create and offer for the future. Helping people is consistently on her mind. 

Coach Mike and Coach Neema are magicians with their time. They are full time employees and have both just entered new roles for new companies. This means a lot of learning for their new roles, which takes more time. Knowing this, they are giving up their weekends to continue to help their Nutrition clients. They continue to show up to their meetings with enthusiasm because their end goal is to help their clients meet their end goal. Something I am extremely proud of them is this, they have never missed a meeting with their Nutrition mentor. One of them has always been on the call with them on a monthly basis for over 2 years. That is not a common thing at all, most Nutrition coaches have missed multiple mentor calls from other gyms. To them, they understand the importance and value behind them. They understand it's tied to helping people with their nutrition. 

I'm not going to lie, I have very high expectations and standards set for our coaches. But the cool thing is this, they have most of those expectations and standards set for themselves already. They all operate with a great deal of care, pride, respect, and humility. 

I can say this with a GREAT deal of confidence, we are one of the top CrossFit gyms in the world because of them. 


Josh Melendez

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